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Steps towards Responsible Research and Innovation in a Global Economy
2014, 5 - 7 June, Constanta, Romania

Dear Colleagues,

It is our pleasure to inform you of a forthcoming international conference which is to be held in the Constanta, Spiru Haret University, Faculty of Accounting and Financial Management.

Papers may cover topics in Management, Marketing, Regional Development, Accounting, Finance, Insurance, Social Sciences etc., bearing on the Conference theme. The conference will take place from June, 5th to 7th in Constanta City and will cover 5 thematic areas: Global Economic, Social and Political Issues, Management and Marketing, Economy and Regional Development, Accounting and Finance, Environmental Issues and Unconventional Energy Sources.

The objectives of this conference are to encourage the sharing of expertise between the participants and to establish a climate favorable for future collaborations and partnerships on economic projects.

Organizing Committee