Registration fee is 80 Euros (or RON at the payment day exchange rate). Late registration fee is 100 Euros. For each participation in the previous editions of the conference a discount of 5 euros per participation will be applied but not more than 20 euros. The conference fees payment can be made by banking transfer. Authors have to support also all the banking charges. This fee cover:
  • the registration procedures
  • conference package (Conference Programme and a Conference Proceedings CD)
  • coffee breaks
  • lunch
A supplementary fee will be charge for:
  • Festive dinner - 15 euros
  • Sightseeing tour of Constanta County – 25 euros.
The participants are responsible for the international/ national transportation, accommodation and corresponding expenses). If all the co-authors decide to join together the conference event, they should pay, separately, the full fees of 80 or 100 Euros. Each paper should have no more than 3 co-authors. The second paper will be charged with 50 Euros.

Supporting Partners